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Hardwood Flooring Services

Most frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring service projects from start to finish.

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No.  Our quote and bidding process do not cost anything so long as you are inside of our service area.  Those that are outside of our service area may be charged a per-mile fee.

Three. One layer of sealer, which protects the color layer, then two coats of finish on top of the sealer.

When we begin to coat your floors we will need you to be out of your home for at least 2 hours after we finish.

  • First 2 Hours
    Socks Only
  • First 48 Hours
    Furniture can be moved back in, shoes can be worn, and pets can come back inside
  • First 7 Days
    Rugs can be put back down.

Yes.  With our equipment and techniques, we are about 95% dustless.  We use vacuum sanders that evacuate dust and debris to a trailer that we will have outside.

Two reasons.  Dustless sanding is healthier for you, especially if you have respiratory diseases or issues such as asthma or COPD.  Secondly, reducing the dust in the air reduces the chance the dust causes imperfections in your coating.

Yes, we are fully insured to protect your property and our company.

Yes. We install base shoe and quarter-round. You can choose to have these items painted or stained.

Yes. Removing the carpet, pulling the appliances and toilets, removing the trim, removing the tack-strips, removing the tile, etc., will help save you money. We will not stain and finish behind a DIY sanding project.  We will not sand ONLY, for a DIY project.

This depends on what type of polyurethane you are using oil-based or water-based.  Oil-based tends to take longer – often 3-4 days plus drying time (longer if for larger jobs) and water-based tends to dry faster, so it’s often 2 days (longer for larger jobs). 

Yes, you can go from light to dark, or dark to light or anywhere in between. 

Yes.  If we are refinishing your hardwood floors and an area needs repair, we will fill that area to ensure you get a flawless refinish.

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