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Without a doubt, today’s luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) delivers on what many consumers are looking for — beautiful floors that are perfect in any room and can stand up to life’s everyday moments.

The current supply chain constraints & much higher pricing of all hardwood flooring products have only added to the already surging demand for LVP. The performance combined with the aesthetics and price point are hard to beat.

Most consumers are looking for flooring that does it all. Luxury Plank Flooring products hold up beautifully to the demands of busy, active households — from kids and pets to water and dirt. Plus, its waterproof feature allows homeowners to be confident placing it in any room of the home.

LVP products offer value to the consumer due to their realistic design, ease of installation and maintenance, and competitive cost compared to other flooring options.

Indeed, the category has a lot to offer. Quick install, it can go over an existing hard surface — with some limitations — it’s beautiful, on-trend, you pay half of what you will for real wood. It’s an affordable luxury item that gives a great feel and overall looks to the home.

Whether you are looking for a traditional hardwood plank appearance (LVP) or more of a tile look (LVT), Molton flooring in Raleigh offers a wide selection of both options. Both plank and tile installation processes are very clean and relatively speedy compared with the installation of other flooring products.

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